Tuesday 30 August 2016

Learning to use Pencils

Well, I have to admit, when I bought my set of Polychromos I expected I'd play for an hour or two and have it mastered.  I thought the transition from markers to pencils would be seamless.  Not the case!!!  Even with the help of the Kit and Clowder Perfecting Pencils class I've found it to be a struggle.  The concepts of how to create colour and blending are totally different.  But of course, there are universal concepts like light and shadow that stay the same.

At first I wasn't at all keen in posting my pencil work.  However, I look forward to learning more, practicing more, and coming back to these posts to appreciate how far I've come.  So here are a couple of my first images!

Fairy Dust by The Stamping Chef...

Hat Girl Katherine by Simply B Stamps

and Inked Pretty by Saturated Canary

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